Sunday, January 26, 2020

Home is where the Heart is

Hibernation by Sara Harley
Hibernation - Inspiration Collaboration Image for February 2020
Where do you find happiness?Aside from being comfortable with yourself, and having family and friends, I think you can find happiness anywhere if you choose to look.

In my dreams, I live in a century old home in a neighbourhood with mature trees, perhaps with a stream or river nearby. In reality, I live in a new section of a small town, streets filled with characterless houses sitting side by side and hydro poles in place of tall trees.

But, I live a block from a river that I walk along every day, where ospreys and bald eagles nest and loons and cormorants swim. My yard back on to miles and miles of walking trails that are home to all kinds of wildlife, including herds of deer. I can stand at my kitchen window and watch the sun rise in the morning, and sit on our back deck and see the sunet through the forest in the evening.

My neighbourhood might not be a place of beauty for everyone, but, for me, it brings joy every single day.

Morning Has Broken by Sara Harley
Morning Has Broken

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