Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Ugly Duckling

Roundabout by Sara Harley
For years and years, I focused on "the big picture" and my images were mostly scenic shots of things that the general population finds beautiful. Sunsets and sunrises, wide vistas, beautiful landscapes.

Now, I am increasingly interested in making intriguing photographs of things that most people would not give a second thought to. I find it challenging, and rewarding, to capture a photograph of an everyday item in a unique way. 

Not everything is appealing at first glance. Sometimes you need to look closely to discover the beauty within. I enjoy creating something thought provoking out of something mundane.

Fringe by Sara Harley
So, for those of you who are asking....

The first image is a photograph of rings at the bottom of a clear drinking glass, with window blinds in the background.  The second image is patterns of ice in a stream along the trail where I walk my dog.

A couple passed me while I was photographing the ice. "Oh, you're taking pictures of ice! You know, there are ducks just up the way." I smiled and thanked them, but didn't bother telling them I was much more interested in the ice than in the ducks :)

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