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Haven (2022) was exhibited in a solo exhibit at the Chester Art Centre from May 5-29, 2022. 

Artist Statement: Over the past two years, our changed world has caused a myriad of emotions about the importance of home and security, which has led me to explore the concept of haven. The dichotomy between the safety of our own environment and the threat of the unknown from without has contributed to increased levels of social anxiety. Whether based in reality, or perceived, the situation has challenged us to examine our thoughts and ourselves.
What makes us feel safe? Where do we take comfort? Are reduced social interactions a cause for celebration, or stress? What triggers our anxieties? The answers are different for all of us.
Watch her artist talk on YouTube:

You Can Learn Photography - Podcast #9 (2022)
Podcast You Can Learn Photography Sara Harley
Interviewed by Trevor Awalt, Sara and Trevor discussed how and why she creates conceptual art. You can listen to the podcast at this link:

Pasadena Photography Arts OpenShow #41 (2022)

Sara was one of four artists selected to give a talk This is a Photograph Because I Say It Is for the Pasadena Photography Arts group.  Featuring 20 images created at the beginning of her Haven journey, she explained the background behind her project. She was the first speaker, and her talk starts at time stamp 4:49.

Open Show Pasadena Sara Harley
Flight of Fancy (2021) - a collection of photographic art celebrating Sara's love of birds. Shown in a solo exhibit at the Dart Gallery in Dartmouth, NS from January 15-February 21, 2021. An artist talk is available to view here:

Sara giving an artist's talk at her Flight of Fancy exhibit

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