Monday, April 12, 2021

Lacework - Trailings Series


Lacework by Sara Harley, Trailings Project
Trailings is now being exhibited, so I thought I would feature some of the photographs here.

Do you see beauty, or do you see destruction? 

I first saw these branches last year in mid August and I was fascinated with them. I thought they were beautiful and looked like delicate lace. A couple of months later, I was in the same area and took another series of photos. There were many trees in the same condition and the leaves were even more skeletal than my previous visit. 

Just a few days ago I was on the trail in the same area that I had taken Lacework. The sun was shining and the frogs were singing a beautiful chorus, but it will be a while before we have leaves on the trees. Apparently it's not too soon for the creators of the delicate lacework to be out in full force. I stopped in amazement when I saw them, not dozens, not hundreds, but thousands or millions of them!

Here are a few shots I took with my phone...the tiniest little artists you've ever seen:

Friday, April 2, 2021

Trailings Exhibit opened

Trailings Exhibit - Sara Harley
Trailings Exhibit - Margaret Hennigar Public Library

I spent part of yesterday morning hanging my Trailings exhibit at our local library. I had a few people who had asked for updates on my project (a result of asking for public involvement back in November...see this post for more info). I let them know I would be at the library, but I finished so quickly that I missed a couple of them who dropped by to see me in action. Oops. 

I had measured the space ahead of time, and had made a hanging plan of the order I wanted the images, so it was all smooth sailing to hang them. Planning ahead makes the job much easier. One thing I changed on the fly...I had planned to hang everything at the same height. I decided once I started hanging that...1. it would be very, very difficult to get them all at the same height using their wire hanging system...and 2. it would be much more visually interesting to have the images staggered. That decision made the hanging job so much easier!

Trailings Exhibit - Sara Harley
It's difficult to see in the photo, but there are a couple of things sitting on the shelves which are part of the display. I'll talk about them more in a later post....a comment book, and a couple of copies of a project guide I published that includes the images from the exhibit, as well as some details about the project.

Trailings Exhibit - Sara Harley

Friday, March 26, 2021

Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun by Sara Harley
Here Comes the Sun
I have been carrying a camera around for almost fifty years. I know. How can I be that old?

I was quite happy with my photography. I joined a photo club as a way to get to know some people after we moved half way across the country. I met some very nice people, and I learned quickly that I didn't know much about the technical aspects of photography. 

Truth be told, I am still not terribly interested in the technical side of things. I learned the "rules"...and then followed them faithfully for a while. A couple of "experts" suggested that sunrises and sunsets were unworthy of a serious photographer, and for a while I listened to them.

But wait. Why not try to capture a fleeting moment of natural beauty? I think sometimes the "experts" forget about the joy in simple things.

I live in a busy little town, on a street with very little charm. But every morning I stand at my kitchen window and look up the street. Every morning it's different and sometimes if you don't look at just the right moment, you'll miss something spectacular. 

I've been taking a series of these images since the beginning of the year....through the kitchen window with my phone. And these photos make me just as happy as the most artistic image I've been able to make.  Honestly, the simple beauty of a sunrise is a gift...and a beautiful way to start the day.

Through the kitchen window - selected dates January through March


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Creating images in unexpected places

Lines by Sara Harley
Quite often I write about creating images, and usually (for me) that involves what some people refer to as photo collage, photo manipulation, or photographic art. In a nutshell, taking a photograph and changing it so much that the original image has been lost. 

I do admit that I love creating something new using my photography as the starting point.

However...and this may surprise some people...I also enjoy straight photography...finding something interesting and capturing it. My favourite kind of image is something mundane, or simple, that a lot of people just wouldn't "see".

I found this one while waiting in the car yesterday. My husband and I had appointments for hair cuts, but due to COVID-19, we are only allowed in one at a time. Usually I read while I'm waiting somewhere. Yesterday I just sat and looked around. I saw something reflected in the passenger side mirror of the car and pulled out my phone. Click. Then I looked in my own side mirror and saw something I liked even more. You can see that one at the top of this post.

I love the organic branches of the tree contrasted with the straight lines of the wires, and dissected by the lines of the car window. Love.

And I love the fact that I am so easily amused. Who would have guessed that I would spend time taking photos while sitting behind the steering wheel of a car? I don't think I'll ever run out of things to be captivated by!

Monday, March 8, 2021

a thank you on International Women's Day

I received this lovely email this morning from PhotoED wonderful to be part of this outstanding group of women photographers!

PhotoED Magazine International Women's Day Sara Harley
recognition from PhotoED Magazine