Wednesday, December 13, 2023

A different kind of travel photo

England Street Art Mosaic by Sara Harley
England Street Art Mosaic


I was so fortunate in 2023...I had not one, but two getaways. I has been 10 years since I've been on a plane, and over 30 years since I've been overseas. I traveled to Toronto in August to have a reunion with 3 high school friends. Although I have seen all three friends over the years, it has been over 20 years since the four of us have been together. Then in November I flew to England with my daughter-in-law (and friend). We visited London, Brighton, Oxford, and London again over ten days. It was a whirlwind! 

I put together the mosaic above as a first step in gathering my memories from my England trip. It's a compilation of mostly street art, signs, and window displays from all three cities I visited, with a few photos of flowers thrown in...72 images all blending together into one memory. 

Art in this compilation was done by, or featured in the following stores: (my apologies if I've missed someone)

@bodleianlibraries @casimiramostyn @themoominshoplondon @heavenforbirds @thegardenofoxford @lukeadamhawker @hairbyfairy
@bighugbrewing @hanningtonsbrighton @hugoandgreen @tinadavies70 @scriptumoxford @blackwellbooks @boushamgallery

 It was great fun to put together, and a good reminder of how much I love mosaics.

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  1. What a clever creative (and so very Sara) way to gather and hold your memories!


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