Monday, January 27, 2020

a real life saver

Let's Stick Together by Sara Harley
Let's Stick Together
As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, at the beginning of January, Helen, an oil painter from Arkansas,and I set up a monthly plan to provide us both with some additional inspiration for our hobbies. We realized that our creative friends might like to join us so we set up "Inspiration Collaboration". (instagram: @inspirationcollaboration)  The idea is that we provide a few images, along with a few words, for people to use as inspiration to make their own creation.

One of the images for January's inspiration was Helen Eaton's Scattered Crayons:
Scattered Crayons by Helen Eaton

When I saw Helen's painting, I thought of two things...childhood and colour. Then I thought of life savers. Every Christmas, Santa used to bring me a "story book" filled with 5 rolls of life savers candy. I searched high and low this month so I could buy a roll of life savers for a photo shoot. It took me weeks, but I finally found some in a store I seldom go to. And, just like a child, I played with my candy.
Stuck on You by Sara Harley
Stuck on You

Support System by Sara Harley
Support System

Sweet Smile by Sara Harley
Sweet Smile

The only disappointing thing about the session was the packaging that Life Savers are sold in these days.  I was horrified by the amount of plastic packaging. That's nothing to smile about.

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  1. This just might be my favorite group of your photos ever. That top photo!! It's perfection!


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