Sunday, December 2, 2018


Vortex from the Roots+Wings Series by Sara Harley
free falling
of emotions
my world
is torn

I created this image after having an argument. I hate confrontation in any format, and having an emotional, hurtful argument tops the list of things I'd like to avoid. 

I was raging mad after that argument and turned to my library of images to create something to try to convey that feeling.

This image is a compilation of 3 photographs. The background is an image of the forest behind our home. I zoomed the lens while pressing the shutter to create a sense of movement in the trees. 

The second image I used is a crow taken from a photograph I took in our backyard. 

The third image is a texture layer of red blotches. In my mind, red is a symbol of powerful emotion.

I hope the compilation of images conveys the feeling of loss of control. What does it say to you?

Vortex is from my solo Roots+Wings exhibit held at the Margaret Hennigar Public Library in February 2018. Each image was paired with verse to represent emotions ranging from devastation through rejuvenation.

I believe trees represent growth and strength, with roots to ground us in our traditions. I see birds in flight as symbols of freedom, with the power of dreams and life renewed. Together, Roots + Wings create powerful images of inspiration and tools to heal the soul. These images are a symbolic representation of emotional healing, from devastation through rejuvenation.


To view the complete collection of images and verse from Roots + Wings click on this link.