Monday, January 31, 2022

January Summary

This month has flown by. Most of my creative time has been spent wrapping up last year's projects. Finishing up my Inspiration Collaboration project and my own annual magazine took me longer to do than I had planned on....I seem to be working slower these days. I also spent a fair amount of time putting proposals together and submitting them to various places. After participating in an exhibit that required a fee, I decided that I would only apply to "fee free" exhibits and magazines. There are still options available for showing your work without having to pay for the privilege. 

However, I still managed to create a few images this month...all for my current project called Haven

The Audition is a re-work of the final image I created for Inspiration Collaboration:

The Audition by Sara Harley
The Audition

Refuge falls under my favourite theme of birds and trees:

Refuge by Sara Harley

My third image is Hideaway. I'm not entirely happy with this one yet and will probably be re-working it. I find it just a little dark and muddied:

Hideaway by Sara Harley

Finally, the fourth image for January is False Sense of Security (I have a mini "stage" series going on within my Haven series):

False Sense of Security by Sara Harley
False Sense of Security


I also completed a quilt...a special project for me which was quite a challenge to create.

All in all, a fairly successful month for creativity. Sometimes it's good for the soul to look back and reflect!


  1. Very wise... I think it is good for the soul to look back and reflect.

  2. Wow - I call that a pretty productive month. Well done!!

  3. I am in awe of your energy. With all the grim news, I've barely managed to get out of bed in the past month.


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