Friday, January 28, 2022

2021 Point of View Magazine

This is my third Point of View publication....a little later than usual. Time is getting away from me these days. I usually publish my annual magazine in December. This time, I'm sneaking it in just before the calendar turns to February!

The creation of this magazine helps me recognize just how much one year can hold. Looking back at my favourite images also helps me see the overall picture of my creative my interests change, how my images change as well. 

To view the complete magazine, just click on the image above. You can page forward and backward through the magazine by clicking on the pages. To view full screen, click on the diagonal arrows on the top right.



  1. That was quite wonderful! You've certainly had a busy year. I've been musing about displaying my work in a book, and struggling with 'the concept'. The, why do these things belong together? Do you actually get the book printed?

  2. Sara, I poured over every page. I thought I'd make specific comments, but I'm just so proud of your and for you throughout the whole thing. You know that I'm a color girl, but oddly enough, I'm drawn to your White Series.
    I love your work.

  3. Oh, Sara. What a year you've had!! I loved reading about all of it. Wonderful images and your contemplations on your creative process are really interesting - particularly for those of us who wish we could do more with our own creative energies.


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