Monday, December 7, 2020

Layout planning and more image selection

I went to the DesBrisay Museum on Friday to measure the main exhibit area so that I can plan how many images to hang. I went well prepared....I forgot my measuring tape! However, their floor tiles were 12 inch squares so I was able to measure using their tiles.
I met with the woman in charge of exhibits, and we discussed a few options. We decided that we would hang my story cloths from the ceiling down the middle of the space. I am thrilled about that...I think it will add visual interest and it also will increase my hanging space for framed photographs.
She also told me that it would be best to have 18 inches between each of the frames, which is more space than I was planning on. This increases the "viewing space" so things don't feel crowded and allows the viewer to see one image at a time, with the side images in their peripheral vision. This also means that I will have fewer images in the show, which makes my decisions tougher. But it's a good thing. It means that I will be forced to choose the best and not leave in images that are so-so.
When I came home, I sketched out the layout:
Layout of main exhibit area

And I realigned my bulletin board into three sections....dark for one wall, colour for the back wall, and white for the third wall. I eliminated more images, so my discard pile has grown again.

Our son, DIL, and granddaughter visited today so I had them each pick their top 3 images from each of the 3 sections. It was very interesting to see what their favourites were. There was overlap, and a couple of extra images chosen, so in total 17 images were chosen from the 33 that were on the board. All 3 of them picked five of the same I'd say those ones are keepers. Two of them picked 2 more of the same. So that leaves 10 images that were picked by one person.

It was such an interesting exercise, both to watch them look at the images and then sometimes hear why they picked them. I would love to do this with more people. Obviously I can't invite them into my home, but maybe I can find a way to do it online. Something to think about.

The biggest news on Friday was that I found out my installation date is actually on February 23rd, with the exhibit starting February 24th and running until March 28th. That leaves me one less week than I thought for timeline has now been changed by five weeks. The time crunch is on!

I finished another storycloth on Saturday, so now 4 are complete. My target is still 6. 


  1. Oh, my! It gets closer at double speed! So exciting! Love seeing the process!!!

  2. Gosh, what a lot of work!! But how exciting. I'm really looking forward to seeing it!


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