Sunday, December 6, 2020

Decision making time

I found out some news a few days ago that is both exciting and daunting at the same time. My Trailings exhibit at the DesBrisay Museum has been moved from a corridor wall into the main exhibit area and I'll be able to show my photographs and stitched art all in the same location. Exciting! (originally, I had planned two exhibits to run concurrently...photographs at the museum and stitched art at the library...due to space limitations).

However, since my show will be in the main exhibit area, the date has changed and will be for the month of March instead of starting April 1st. Daunting! I am generally feeling organized, but am in a bit of panic mode at the moment. 

The new plan in a nutshell: full exhibit at two locations

March: DesBrisay Museum

April & May: Margaret Hennigar Public Library

All in all, having one month less to fret about everything is great. Instead of continuing to "create" I will be forced to start preparing. Exception: I will continue to work on quilts...I have to finish my current project and create at least 2 more...hopefully 3 mid January. Why so early? I'll have to include them in my exhibit guide, which will need to be created in time for a test print, review, and final print before March 1st. 

Exhibiting in the main space means more photographs will have to be chosen, printed and framed. Hence, my bulletin board test prints have been reorganized yet again.

Note for curious onlookers - the photo on my left desktop computer is me with my son

I have narrowed down the scope and organized the photos into just a few categories: 

Top row: ice patterns

Second Row: the white series

Third Row: Reflections

Bottom Row: Misfits, yet important to me

There are approx 45 photos in those rows, which I'll have to narrow down to approx 20. At the bottom of my bulletin board, you may notice a green photo which is a picture of a rock surrounded by ferns. I'm sentimental about that photo because there's a story behind it. But it just doesn't "go" with anything else so it's going in the discard pile.

Today (Friday) I'll be heading over to the museum to measure the 3 walls in the exhibit area to get a better idea of exactly how many photographs and quilts can be shown. I have a general idea, but general is not good enough at this point...I need specifics so that I can place my frame order.

And my list writing is getting more serious!

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