Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Yellow VW Beetle and Friend

Yellow VW Beetle and Friend
I created this image as part of the Inspiration Collaboration project, inspired by the painting Yellow VW Beetle by Helen Eaton:
Yellow VW Beetle by Helen Eaton
I originally planned to create something inspired by the colour yellow. Helen's write up about her painting was this:

I spy with my little eye… something that is…… YELLOW!

Is it the center of a daisy? …a sunset? …a chicken’s feet?
Is it a topaz ring? …a canary? ...the flames of fire?
Is it the middle traffic light? …a banana? …a glass of lemonade?
Is it a rubber duckie? …a taxi cab?... a smilie face?
Is it a number two pencil? … Sponge Bob? …a banana peel?
Is it a field of sunflowers? …autumn? …Big Bird?
Is it a school bus? …an egg yolk? …happiness!
I photographed a few different subjects over the month (forsythia, dandelions, light on the ceiling, etc), but I kept thinking about a photo I took in August 2018. Helen and I seem to have similar taste when it comes to creating images. Her paintings and my photographs over the years have a surprising number of common themes.
So....I decided to work with this photo:
original photo - 2018
I eliminated the other cars, simplified the background, and added some textures to come up with this:
But I decided that this beetle needed a little something. This crow seemed to be a little scruffy...maybe a "vintage" model himself. After all, we all need a friend!
Final Image - Yellow VW Beetle and Friend

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