Thursday, May 28, 2020

for the love of barns

Beyond the Stream - Inspiration Collaboration Image for June 2020
I grew up a city girl, but I loved the trips we used to take to my uncle's farm. It was a whole different world to me. Maybe it was those experiences early in life that gave me a love of barns. Old wooden barns are becoming rare where we live, lost to time and neglect. Each one I see seems special, each one with its own story to tell. 
Uncle Ralph's farm - circa 1970
This is my dog Bitsy, who wasn't very bitsy at all, at my Uncle Ralph and Aunt Mildred's farm. I had a very scary experience on this laneway. A herd of cows started following me down the lane. The faster I walked, the faster they followed. I remember being afraid (remember...I was a city girl!) and running but I don't have a memory of how the episode ended. I probably never told anyone at the time.

Here are some more barns...just because...
this barn is gone now...only the house remains
barn details - love the shingles!
black and white seemed to suit this winter scene
this guy seemed quite relaxed - but who wouldn't be in that setting?
One project I'd like to work on when life gets back to "normal" and we are allowed to go for drives is to photograph all my favourite local barns. There are still a few around, but I never take the time to stop and capture them. (due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been asked to stay at home and only drive for necessities like groceries and medications)


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