Sunday, September 15, 2019

Summer Pondering

Summer Pondering by Sara Harley
Summer Pondering
Sometimes I have a specific idea in my mind that I want to capture. But sometimes things just happen. We went for a drive up the Medway River one summer day and came upon a small pond.

I asked John to pull over and reached for my camera. I spent the next 15 minutes photographing lily pads. I would have dearly loved to find one of the bull frongs that were croaking away, but only heard them splash into the pond as I walked too close for comfort. 

A few days later, I found a pair of thigh high rubber boots at a flea market, just my size. Too bad I didn't have them for this photo shoot, but I'll be ready for the next pond we come across.

A Splash of Orange by Sara Harley
A Splash of Orange
This pond is in my own backyard, situated just beside our deck where I can sit and watch the fish swim.  One afternoon the bubbles and reflected light caught my eye so I headed inside to get my camera. A fish swam by at the right time and added a splash of orange.

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