Monday, September 9, 2019


My husband often laments the fact that we are not day tripping as much as we used to. No, I'm not referring to a daytime drug event. 

I'm talking about road trips, or staycations, or whatever label you want to put on jumping in the car and driving...just driving until you see something that catches your eye or your imagination.

For various reasons, we are tied more closely to home these days. Some people might think it's boring to stay at home but my camera can keep me endlessly amused.

I believe that there are lots of subjects for image making if your keep your eyes, and your mind, open to the possibilities.

Even the winter months had me out in the backyard with my camera. Okay, maybe not frequently, but I have the photos to prove it!

Home is where you hang your hat, or maybe for me...home is where my camera is.

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