Friday, January 11, 2019

Something To Crow About

Something To Crow About from the Differentiation Series by Sara Harley
Something To Crow About
tastes sweet
but is seldom
a solitary

Crow watching can become addictive and the wonders never cease. I watched these three crows for several minutes late one afternoon and this is the first image from a series of photographs I took.
The images tell a story of a jubilant crow with a berry. Silhouetted in the sky and lifting his head in triumph, he tossed the berry up and down repeatedly, only to lose his grip and helplessly watched the berry as it fell.
Timing is everything, and the crow below snatched the berry from mid air.
Perhaps a lesson for us to be poised to take advantage of our opportunities as they arise.
Something To Crow About is from a series I created in 2018 called Differentiation. To view the complete series of images and verse, click on this link and then click "Preview".