Thursday, January 10, 2019


Discombobulated from the Differentiation Series by Sara Harley
no longer
on solid ground
has shifted
what was up
is now down

Moving into town has meant a change in my bird watching. Gone are the grosbeaks, snow buntings, and red tailed hawks of our country property. We have a few songbirds but the overwhelming bird population consists of crows.
When we first moved to town, I despaired of the lack of variety. But time has allowed me to appreciate the crows and all their antics.
This particular crow landed on a branch that immediately bent under his weight.
Wouldn't it be nice to be as adaptable as this crow when our world is turned upside down?
Discombobulated is from a series I created in 2018 called Differentiation. To view the complete series of images and verse, click on this link and then click "Preview".