Thursday, November 22, 2018


Trapped is from the Stroke of Emotions Series by Sara Harley

past tense: trapped
1. prevent (someone) from escaping from a place.
2. something, typically a part of the body, held tightly by something so that it cannot move or be freed.

Trapped is from the Stroke of Emotions Series I created in 2017.

In this image I lay trapped under weathered drift wood. No longer alive and vibrant, the tree symbolizes a feeling of rootlessness, a feeling that life holds no solid ground.
Unable to move, and powerless, with no control over my environment, I wrap my arms around myself in a futile attempt of comfort.

The word "trapped" was not a word I used to describe my own feelings during my crisis. It was a word that John used after he was discharged from spending two months in the hospital.
He had lost all his independence and control over his life. No longer able to jump in the car and drive himself somewhere, or even walk or tie his shoes like he used to do without thought.
He was feeling down. He was feeling trapped in a body that wouldn't operate the way it used to, and with a mind that didn't work the way it used to.
Weeks, even months, after John was released from the hospital, I erupted in my own emotional crisis. Looking back, I believe that I felt trapped too and it was my word as well.
We can all feel trapped by our situation.
Sometimes we can no longer control the events in our lives.
Sometimes we can take back some of that control by adapting and making changes, one small step at a time.
That small step might be talking to a friend. Or it might mean picking up the phone and asking for professional help.
About Stroke of Emotions:
In an effort to deal with my worry and feelings of helplessness after my husband had a major stroke in 2017, I turned to my hobby of photography. I took self portraits and created composited images using my photographic library to help define and illustrate my feelings. From devastation through rejuvenation, it is a story of a healing journey that I hope will help others going through a difficult time.

The complete story of Stroke of Emotions is available in book format. To view and/or purchase online click on this link.

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