Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Isolated is from the Stroke of Emotions Series by Sara Harley

1. far away from other places, buildings, or people; remote.
2 having minimal contact or little in common with others.

Isolated is from the Stroke of Emotions Series I created in 2017.

In this image I am sitting alone on the roof top of a submerged building.
A lone crow deserts me, and I am left feeling isolated and alone, adrift in a sea of despair.

My husband was my only confidante. As he spent time in the hospital, relearning everyday things like walking and self care, I felt I had to be strong and a constant cheerleader.
Normally, I would have confided all my fears and worries to him. Since I had to be strong for him, I kept my feelings bottled up inside.
Facing a crisis can be a very lonely experience.
Life is going on as usual for everyone else, while it feels like your own life is a never ending nightmare.
Well meaning people will ask you how it is going. But how can you put into words the devastation you feel? How can you describe all those emotions that you may feel ashamed of?
After time passes, some people might even start to think that you should "get over it" and "move on". No one else knows what it's like to be in your shoes.
No matter how supportive friends and family try to be, it can be a time when you feel completely alone with no hope in sight.
About Stroke of Emotions:
In an effort to deal with my worry and feelings of helplessness after my husband had a major stroke in 2017, I turned to my hobby of photography. I took self portraits and created composited images using my photographic library to help define and illustrate my feelings. From devastation through rejuvenation, it is a story of a healing journey that I hope will help others going through a difficult time.

The complete story of Stroke of Emotions is available in book format. To view and/or purchase online click on this link.

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