Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Creating images in unexpected places

Lines by Sara Harley
Quite often I write about creating images, and usually (for me) that involves what some people refer to as photo collage, photo manipulation, or photographic art. In a nutshell, taking a photograph and changing it so much that the original image has been lost. 

I do admit that I love creating something new using my photography as the starting point.

However...and this may surprise some people...I also enjoy straight photography...finding something interesting and capturing it. My favourite kind of image is something mundane, or simple, that a lot of people just wouldn't "see".

I found this one while waiting in the car yesterday. My husband and I had appointments for hair cuts, but due to COVID-19, we are only allowed in one at a time. Usually I read while I'm waiting somewhere. Yesterday I just sat and looked around. I saw something reflected in the passenger side mirror of the car and pulled out my phone. Click. Then I looked in my own side mirror and saw something I liked even more. You can see that one at the top of this post.

I love the organic branches of the tree contrasted with the straight lines of the wires, and dissected by the lines of the car window. Love.

And I love the fact that I am so easily amused. Who would have guessed that I would spend time taking photos while sitting behind the steering wheel of a car? I don't think I'll ever run out of things to be captivated by!

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  1. This photograph is so very "you!"
    Let's edit and change "...something mundane, or simple..." to "...hidden treasures or elements of simple elegance..." and yes that only you will notice. But, I will say this, following your images has made me begin to (sometimes) notice too.


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