Sunday, February 21, 2021

Flight of Fancy - Exhibit Wrap Up

Dart Gallery Newsletter Sara Harley
from the Dart Gallery's newsletter

My solo exhibit at the Dart Gallery in Dartmouth, NS is wrapping up. This six week show came as a bit of a surprise, and has been such a great experience.

Jane MacDougald, the owner of the gallery, has been encouraging me to have a solo exhibit for a while. It always just seemed too intimidating. Here's how it finally came to be...

In December 2019, I wrote a blog article called It Never Hurts to Ask. That led me to exhibiting my work at a restaurant, which was surprisingly a great source of sales until everything shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. When things shut down, my work got boxed up and sat in my garage for five months. Then the Dart Gallery sent out a call for art for their December show called Off the Wall, an opened theme exhibit. I submitted the images that I already had framed and all of them were accepted. When I dropped them off, Jane talked to me again about having a solo show.  So....some of them were shown at the group show, and many of them were held until January. I wasn't expecting much...who shops for art in January? But apparently lots of people do!

The show was mostly photographic art, with a few "real" photographs as well. Flight of Fancy celebrates my love of crows. In case you missed my 20 minutes of fame, click here to view my artist talk about the exhibit.

Sara Harley Artist Talk - Flight of Fancy at the Dart Gallery
Artist Talk - Flight of Fancy at the Dart Gallery
This series has been a watershed for my photography. It has given me the permission to play and create art, rather than just snapping a photograph. It has allowed me the freedom to making images that exist only in my imagination, brought to life by layering and combining many different photographs from my library and creating something new that no one else can reproduce. Although some photographers insist this isn't photography, and some artists say it's not art, it makes me happy and I try not to be concerned with the naysayers. 

It makes me happy that some people do love my work enough to buy it from a gallery and take it home. Here are some of the pieces that have sold:

Photographic Art Always by Sara Harley

Photographic Art Beach Bums by Sara Harley
Beach Bums
Photographic Art Emotional Refuge by Sara Harley
Emotional Refuge

Photographic Art Frozen by Sara Harley

Home for the Holidays

Photographic Art Out of Time by Sara Harley
Out of Time

Photographic Art Rest Stop by Sara Harley
Rest Stop

Photographic Art Savour by Sara Harley

Photographic Art Sunny Days by Sara Harley
Sunny Days

Photographic Art There Is No Greater Love by Sara Harley
There is no Greater Love

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