Tuesday, January 26, 2021

when things go wrong

Preparations have been underway for my upcoming Trailings exhibit. I have been well prepared for months, but no matter how well prepared you are, things happen. Instead of going into panic mode, I decided to write it out. Perhaps venting will calm my nerves...lol.

First, my test prints of the exhibit guide I created arrived in the mail last week. I had ordered 3 copies in hopes that I would be able to send some out for advance publicity. The magazines are unusable. They were printed with incorrect margins and with "slip sheets" (some kind of printer test sheets) inserted throughout the books. I have used this on demand printing company for over 10 years and have never had a problem. The packing slip said my books were 8x10 books, not 8.5x11 magazines...I think maybe that's why all the margins were incorrect, with the print running off the pages.

Of course, I sent a help desk inquiry (you can't phone the company) but have only received a message saying they are dealing with high volumes and to expect a delayed reply. What to do? I ordered another test print...I want to make sure it is printed correctly before I order 50 copies. I am not sure that there is time to wait for the test print, order 50 copies and receive them before the exhibit opens. So....maybe no exhibit guide.

This is only a big deal to me...no one else will care...but I did invest an enormous amount of time into preparing the guide. I am trying to look at it as experience gained, not opportunity lost.

Next issue....I print and frame my own work. I ordered my frames in December, thinking I had left myself lots of time. My frame order arrived last week...on the same day as the magazines...

I have ordered from this supplier many, many times over the past four years. Always the same kind of frames. Never had a problem. I unpacked the boxes the day they arrived and everything looked good. No broken glass, everything packaged very well and undamaged.

I decided to start printing and framing yesterday. The first frame I unwrapped was not put together correctly, so there was a gap in two of the corners. The second frame was the same. Then the third. There are only 2 usable frames in the order of 20.

I have photographed examples and sent off an email to the frame company. They are on the west coast, a five hour time difference, so I am waiting patiently for a response. Trying not to panic. 

And I'm trying to brain storm. Realistically, even if the frames get replaced I'm not sure they will arrive in time. They usually take two weeks to process an order and shipping takes two weeks at best. Set up date for the exhibit is February 24th. Today is January 26th. 


- figure out an alternative mounting system instead of traditional frames. 

- see if a local frame maker can make 20 frames without glass (this is a custom size frame)

- cancel the show at the Museum and just exhibit at the Library (scheduled for April 1st)

- use frames from our own walls (9 of various sizes - I need 20) and hang quilts on wall at exhibit instead of from the ceiling (less content at exhibit)

 Did I mention? Our wireless service is not working properly, so live tv and recorded tv is unwatchable and internet service is extremely slow. Bell is here as I type this trying to repair the problem.

When it rains, it pours.

Good news...one of my pieces at the Flight of Fancy exhibit in Dartmouth has sold.

Savour by Sara Harley

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  1. Oh, NO!. That's a LOT to deal with when you're in the midst of putting a show together. There's a new framer in Oakhill who might be able to help. Apparently, she bought all the stock of the store that closed on King St. last year. (I'll send you her email address.) Might another option be to put the call out to your photo club friends for frames to borrow for purposes of the exhibit? I guess getting mats to fit would be an issue. Sure hope the folks you ordered from can rush the replacements. What a total drag. Keep us posted and don't hesitate to ask if something your photo buddies can do to help. I'm sure I'm not the only one really looking forward to your show.


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