Thursday, April 16, 2020

building a fairy house

Last month, I created an image I called "The Fairy Door" as part of the Inspiration Collaboration group, and in response to Helen Eaton's inspiration painting "Door Beneath the Wisteria".

I found myself wanting to create some more whimsical images, so thought....why not make another fairy house? I farmed my photographic library and used elements from at least eight different photos to make this:
Heart's Delight Fairy House by Sara Harley
Heart's Delight Fairy House
Here are the details:

I started with these tree roots, taken just one week before our trails were closed down:
I added some dainty doilies on a clothesline, taken on a trip to Newfoundland way back in 2007 (I removed the iceberg!):
The door and siding were fro a building in Lunenburg, taken with my pocket camera in 2017:
Then I needed to add some "personal" elements to make this house a home! First, some garden chairs:
The garden chairs were from an artist studio that we visited back in 2013 when we rented a cottage in a different part of Nova Scotia. Next, a kettle full of flowers from a solo drive I took in 2009:
And some beautiful climbing roses taken just last year:
Finally, a wooden fence with stone columns from a trip to south western Nova Scotia in 2012:
But, wait! I needed one more detail....a wreath for the front door:
This wreath was on the side of a barn where we attended a "4th of July" party with some friends in 2012.

I found this such fun to do! Building a fairy house is a great way to stay uplifted during these troublesome times.
Heart's Delight Fairy House

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  1. This is wonderful! I want to meet the fairy who lives there!
    The process is as mesmerizing as the product. I kept scrolling up and down after each addition.


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