Saturday, April 18, 2020

a bird in the hand

A Bird In The Hand by Sara Harley
A Bird In The Hand
I created this image as part of the Inspiration Collaboration project, inspired by the painting "Mother's Hands" by Helen Eaton:

This inspirational challenge was a tough one for me, and I put a lot of thought into it. First, I photographed my husband's hands while he was reading the newspaper. I tried to capture his hands as well as the headline for the day, which was...surprise, surprise...about the COVID-19 pandemic. 

That went well, but it didn't capture my imagination.

Most of the world's population has been asked to stay at home in order to "flatten the curve" and keep ourselves, and others, safe. Many people are finding this challenging and are coming up with ways to amuse themselves, and their children. This got me thinking about hand shadows.

Then I got thinking about the restrictions we are under, and how everyone is longing for freedom and "getting back to normal". So I thought about birds...flying birds are always a symbol of freedom to me.

I looked online to learn how to make a bird with hand shadows. Then I waited...and waited...for a sunny day. Finally that day arrived and I photographed my own hands using my tripod and self timer. 

A little creative work on my computer added the flying crow. When I looked up the definition for the expression "A Bird In The Hand", it seemed quite fitting to use as the title for this image: 

a bird in the hand: Something of some value that is already acquired. Taken from the proverb "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush," which means that having something, even if it is a lesser quantity, is better than taking the chance of losing it in order to attain something else that seems more desirable.

A Bird In The Hand by Sara Harley
A Bird In The Hand

Thursday, April 16, 2020

building a fairy house

Last month, I created an image I called "The Fairy Door" as part of the Inspiration Collaboration group, and in response to Helen Eaton's inspiration painting "Door Beneath the Wisteria".

I found myself wanting to create some more whimsical images, so thought....why not make another fairy house? I farmed my photographic library and used elements from at least eight different photos to make this:
Heart's Delight Fairy House by Sara Harley
Heart's Delight Fairy House
Here are the details:

I started with these tree roots, taken just one week before our trails were closed down:
I added some dainty doilies on a clothesline, taken on a trip to Newfoundland way back in 2007 (I removed the iceberg!):
The door and siding were fro a building in Lunenburg, taken with my pocket camera in 2017:
Then I needed to add some "personal" elements to make this house a home! First, some garden chairs:
The garden chairs were from an artist studio that we visited back in 2013 when we rented a cottage in a different part of Nova Scotia. Next, a kettle full of flowers from a solo drive I took in 2009:
And some beautiful climbing roses taken just last year:
Finally, a wooden fence with stone columns from a trip to south western Nova Scotia in 2012:
But, wait! I needed one more detail....a wreath for the front door:
This wreath was on the side of a barn where we attended a "4th of July" party with some friends in 2012.

I found this such fun to do! Building a fairy house is a great way to stay uplifted during these troublesome times.
Heart's Delight Fairy House