Friday, March 20, 2020


As I mentioned in my last post, I receive monthly inspiration from my online friend Helen, a painter who lives in Arkansas. We created a group called Inspiration Collaboration and anyone is welcome to join and create their own art...paintings, photographs, poems, quilting, stitching...based on our inspiration images. 

I had to think about how to deal with this inspiration from Helen:
Are you... ?
An ocean or a lake?
A babbling brook or still waters?
The diving board or the kiddie pool?
A rocky shoreline  or a sandy beach?
Gently rolling waves or crashing whitecaps?
Pine trees and grass or palm trees and sand?
A swimsuit and towel or windbreaker and boots?
Whitewater rapids in a kayak or picnic with a camera?

My first step was taking this photograph when I was walking my dog through the trail:

I could have worked with just this photograph, but I wanted to add some details to bring the scene to life and add some magic. First, some flowers:

And a butterfly:
And, lastly, a bunny:
I spent some time darkening areas, and lightening other areas, subtle changes to colour, this and that. Et, voila, the final creation:
Sometimes by Sara Harley
I am a stream, dancing through the forest.
I am a rabbit, timid and unsure.
I am a tree, grounded and strong.
I am a flower, unfolding with beauty.
I am a butterfly, dreams lifting my wings.

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  1. I love the image, the process, and the words... equally.


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