Monday, December 30, 2019

the promise of new beginnings

Barely There by Sara Harley
Barely There - Inspiration Collaboration Image for January 2020
The view along the river one day in December was a magical, misty scene. The stillness created a mirror like finish on the river, with hardly a ripple. The town was barely there, mysteriously shrouded in fog.

It got me thinking about the end of December...the slower days between Christmas and New Year's when the world seems to quiet in anticipation of the promise of a new year. 

As the year ends, I feel the need to re-group and think about what I want to accomplish, reviewing the year and perhaps re-setting some goals. No matter how I try to "live in the moment", I am a goal setter and list maker.

I feel a combination of excitement and anticipation that has nothing to do with the holidays. Numerous ideas and plans flit through my brain. I would dearly like to relax and nap, but the excitement about a new year just can't be tamped down.

Life is an adventure...we are who the past has made us, and we'll become who the future creates. Like the town shrouded in fog, we cannot see what the future holds in store for us no matter how many plans we make.
Barely There by Sara Harley
Barely There by Sara Harley

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