Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Alone in the Crowd by Sara Harley
Alone in the Crowd
Everyone has a happy place, somewhere that completely relaxes them. A happy place is somewhere you go to get yourself re-balanced when things seem out of sorts.

Sitting in a favourite chair with a book, walking the dog, visiting with grandchildren, listening to the bird song in the woods, a simple cup of tea.

We are all different, and we all have our own place to go to when we want to celebrate life, or when we are feeling down and need to find solace.

My happy place is the beach. I don't go to beaches for sunny skies and sunbathing. Beaches, for me, are for walking and peace of mind. If something is bothering me, I head to the beach if I can. The wind seems to clear my troubled mind, and the sound of the waves reminds me that life carries on, no matter what. 

From larger than life vistas to intimate landscapes, the tides and sand create visual art that is constantly in motion. More and more often, I focus my camera on the details in the sand, what I refer to as "sandscapes". I have been working on a collection for a couple of years, and although I haven't had many beach excursions this year I did manage to capture a few to add to my collection.

If I was to wish for anything, I might wish that I was more comfortable with change, adapting as well as the sands and comfortable with new challenges.

But in the meantime, I find solace in the ever changing gifts and joy in the peace of mind that a walk on the beach can bring. 

The Dance by Sara Harley
The Dance

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