Wednesday, May 22, 2019

the origins of an idea

Possibilities by Sara Harley

Where do ideas come from? I often wonder this but haven't come up with any answers.
I don't think too many people would guess the origin of this image, which was a close up photograph of a spoon with dried rings.
I cropped the original image and brightened the whites. Then I added a bunny from a photograph I took several years ago.
Why not?

I posted this image on instagram ( and received this comment:

"I love how the bunny seems to be looking out into the world thinking about all the possibilities (my interpretation) but is trapped in a circle on concerns." - Kathryn

Yes! Isn't it wonderful when someone "gets" what you're trying to convey?

Confession: my original title for this piece was "Trapped" but after receiving Kathryn's comment I decided to change it to "Possibilities", a much more positive take on my idea.
Collaboration can make a good idea even better.

original image

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