Wednesday, April 17, 2019

the frustration of labels

Cover Me by Sara Harley
Cover Me
Photography means different things to different people. Like many other groups of people, photographers seem to need to label themselves and others.
When someone asks me what kind of photographs I like to take, I often find myself unable to define what I do. My photography has evolved in the past ten years and many people don't consider what I do to fall under the label of photography at all.
I still make images that are relatively untouched by post processing. But more and more I find myself enthralled by creating images using a combination of photographs.
I was compiling a selection of images of windows that I have taken over the past several years.Then I was inspired to create this image using three different photographs....a moth taken in 2012, lacy curtains from 2018, and a rainy window taken in March 2019.
Some people refer to this as photo manipulation, or photographic art. Whatever label it falls under,I enjoy the creative process.
Did you spot the moth right away? I find myself more and more attracted to images that take some time to appreciate. In this case, perhaps you looked at the image, then the title, and then took a closer look at the image and found the moth.
Or maybe you saw something completely different. That, to me, is the beauty of photography. We all see things in our own way.

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