Friday, February 22, 2019

Window View

Window View by Sara Harley
Window View

brick by brick
I have built
these walls
offering a glimpse
for those willing
to see

I created this image & verse last year, part of the series I called "Differentiation". (more on this series below)

Our photo club is having a group exhibit this  April. I think I will be showing this image as my contribution. As part of the submission, I am required to write a 100 word (maximum) "story" about the image.

As I ponder just what exactly to write about, I gave some thought to why I find windows so intriguing.  

Several years ago I took a creative photography course. This involved assignments and we had to take in two printed images for evaluation during every session. After a few sessions, another participant turned to me and said "you have a thing for windows". Well, yes I do. I spent many years recycling old wooden windows, adding stained glass, and selling them. Now I just take photographs of windows that I find interesting.

But there is something more about this image that I need to find the words to describe.  I have to send in my "story" by March 9th.

Does the image say anything to you?

To create the final image, I removed objects from the two side windows and took away reflections of hydro wires. I also added a subtle texture layer which you can see in the windows if you look closely. Here is the original photograph:
original photograph

About Differentiation:

Differentiation is the series I created in 2018 and continues the theme of emotional healing by creating photographic art paired with verse. There are over 30 images in this series, varying from dark and brooding to light and inspirational. 


  1. To me :)

    The "open" window
    represents one's willingness
    to allow others to see "inside".
    As well as the opportunity
    for one to look outwards,
    to see what is
    and what may be.
    Always knowing one is safely held
    by the strength and stability
    one has created for oneself,
    along the way.

    The bust- to me-
    speaks to the vulnerability
    of showing ones true self,
    incomplete - yet complete.

    Also made me think of the quote
    "You are only confined by the walls you build yourself"
    ... remembering to add in a few windows.

  2. What a thoughtful comment Patti.

    I think many of us like photos of windows. Within the Abandoned Buildings FB group I belong to, folk often post images of windows and I find the very compelling ones have old tatty curtains blowing outward through the open/broken window.

    Sara I think your cropped image of the window with the sculpture in the middle window is thought-provoking. Windows are metaphors for seeing outward or looking inward ... I'm thinking of "the eyes are the windows of the soul" ... and windows are ... ?

  3. This image leads me to think of the person who works on the other side of that window. I think a dedicated artist works there; she works long days creating objects that she loves, spending hours on intricate details. Nothing matters to her but the work and her passion for it. She is unconcerned about the world outside and keeps the bust in the window to inspire and and encourage her.

    Such a beautiful picture. Thank you for posting, Sara.

    - Maggie (the quilter once known as Patchmaker)


It's great to hear from you! I appreciate your comments.