Thursday, February 7, 2019


Celebration by Sara Harley
Last year I signed a contract to provide stock photography to a book cover company. In my opinion, it was a no-lose scenario. I supply whatever images I want, whenever I want. They decide what they want to accept. They look after all negotiations. I get paid if my images get used. Easy peasy.

Every week, the company comes up with a theme. You can choose to submit images. Or not. Sometimes I have lots of images that can be considered for their weekly theme (chairs, feathers, sand, dogs). Sometimes I have none (hand gun, taut string, tattoos). 

In early January the weekly theme was "cake". I didn't have anything else to do, so I took a look through my files to find some birthday cake images.

The image at the beginning of this blog post has been reconfigured to a square. The book cover I submitted was this one:
cake book cover by Sara Harley
One thing I always have to remember when creating possible book covers is to leave lots of space for text. The image was accepted by the stock company. Maybe one day I'll be celebrating because it was purchased and used for a book cover. 

Anything is possible, right?

If you are wondering, here is the original photograph which is a far cry from the image I created and such a poor image that I'm embarrassed to show it:
original photo


  1. Oh Sara, that's brilliant. I'll watch for it in bookstores ...

  2. So exciting and validating for you!
    I'm so intrigued with your art, the mixing and combining and modifying and overall being creative with your photography.


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