Monday, January 7, 2019

Receiving Lines

Receiving Lines from the Differentiation Series by Sara Harley
Receiving Lines
the horizon is filled
with opportunity
if our receiving lines
are open

We moved into town after living in the country for many years and I wondered about how my photographic opportunities would change.
But I learned that there are moments to capture wherever you are if you open your mind to possibilities.
Early one January morning, I was standing at my kitchen window drinking a much needed coffee.
The sky was an amazing combination of alternating lines of blues and pinks, which echoed the power lines that ran down the street.
So many opportunities, so many paths we could choose to follow. Who knows what the future will bring?
Receiving Lines is from a series I created in 2018 called Differentiation. To view the complete series of images and verse, click on this link and then click "Preview".