Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Drift Away

Drift Away is from Sara Harley's 2018 collection called Differentiation
Drift Away

rising tides threaten
to overwhelm me
but the ocean calls
soothing my soul
worries drift away
like seaweed that has
lost its mooring

This is one of my first photos from the year in 2018, and how I like to begin each year.
Beaches, for me, don't mean sunny skies and sunbathing. Beaches are for walking and peace of mind.
My favourite times are with moody skies and crashing waves. Wind in my hair, song in my heart, the ocean soothes my soul. When I am near the water, I feel a completeness.
Life seems less complicated, and problems don't loom quite as large. The ocean waves have come into land for ages and ages, and will continue long after I am gone.
All is calm. What better way to bring in the new year than a walk on the beach?

Drift Away is from a series I created in 2018 called Differentiation. To view the complete series of images and verse, click on this link and then click "Preview".