Monday, December 24, 2018

Song of Joy

Song of Joy from the Differentiation Series by Sara Harley
Song Of Joy
shout out
with jubilation
give thanks
with gladness
sing songs
with joy
with life

Birds and trees are a thing for me. Symbols of strength and freedom in my mind, seeing them together always makes me pause.
Hearing this robin singing his heart out just outside our backyard was a special moment of spring.
I am not a follower of organized religion. However I do subscribe to the fundamental beliefs of many religions. Psalm 100 has been a favourite of mine since I learned it in a song when I was young.
The song was a true celebration of life, and the inspiration for my verse.

Song Of Joy is from a series I created in 2018 called Differentiation. To view the complete series of images and verse, click on this link and then click "Preview".