Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Change, from the Roots and Wings Series by Sara Harley
wings beating in unison
we have the power
to create
the winds of change

Sharing your burden makes everything easier.

In these times of online sharing, it's easy to forget that we all need human contact. Not over the computer, but in real life.

Some of us have no family or friends to rely on in times of need. But there are groups and services available to help us. We just need to reach out and ask. 

With help, it is possible to carry on.

Change is from my solo Roots+Wings exhibit held at the Margaret Hennigar Public Library in February 2018. Each image was paired with verse to represent emotions ranging from devastation through rejuvenation.

I believe trees represent growth and strength, with roots to ground us in our traditions. I see birds in flight as symbols of freedom, with the power of dreams and life renewed. Together, Roots + Wings create powerful images of inspiration and tools to heal the soul. These images are a symbolic representation of emotional healing, from devastation through rejuvenation.


To view the complete collection of images and verse from Roots + Wings click on this link.