Haven (2022) was exhibited in a solo exhibit at the Chester Art Centre from May 5-29, 2022. 

Artist Statement: Over the past two years, our changed world has caused a myriad of emotions about the importance of home and security, which has led me to explore the concept of haven. The dichotomy between the safety of our own environment and the threat of the unknown from without has contributed to increased levels of social anxiety. Whether based in reality, or perceived, the situation has challenged us to examine our thoughts and ourselves.
What makes us feel safe? Where do we take comfort? Are reduced social interactions a cause for celebration, or stress? What triggers our anxieties? The answers are different for all of us.

Resilience was selected by Labyrinth Gallery (UK) for The Planet Recovery Exhibit (Feb 1 - July 31, 2022), one of 60 images selected from 400 submissions.
Planet Recovery Exhibit - Resilience - Sara Harley
Resilience - Planet Recovery Project - Labyrinth Gallery Exhibit

Rfotofolio selected my portfolio of 7 images from Haven as one of 25 photographers that inspired them in 2021.
Rfotofolio - 2021 Photographers that Inspire - Sara Harley Portfolio
Rfotofolio: Photographers that inspired in 2021

Rfotofolio - 2021 Photographers that Inspire - Sara Harley

Water Dance, Trailings Series
Trailings (2021) creatively illustrates how trail walking can heal the mind, body, and spirit. Through observing and photographic documentation, Trailings is a collection of work created in 2019 and 2020, and exhibited April 3 through June 30, 2021. This project received a grant from the Robert Pope Foundation.

On Landscape Magazine (www.onlandscape.co.uk) published an article about the Trailings project. It is available to read at this link: https://www.onlandscape.co.uk/2021/06/the-trailings-project/

Flight of Fancy (2021) - a collection of photographic art celebrating my love of birds. Shown in a solo exhibit at the Dart Gallery in Dartmouth, NS from January 15-February 21, 2021.

Sara giving an artist's talk at her Flight of Fancy exhibit

Roots + Wings (2018)

The Roots + Wings exhibit was held at the Margaret Hennigar Public Library in February 2018.
Roots + Wings exhibit by Sara Harley, Margaret Hennigar Public Library
Roots + Wings Exhibit, Margaret Hennigar Public Library, February 2018

Trees represent growth and strength, with roots to ground us in our traditions. Birds in flight are symbols of freedom, with the power of dreams and life renewed. Together, Roots + Wings create powerful images of inspiration and tools to heal the soul. These images are a symbolic representation of emotional healing, from devastation through rejuvenation, and each image was paired with verse written by me.

Roots and Wings Series by Sara Harley

Feedback from Roots+Wings:

"All stunning! Beautiful and moving text to accompany images."
"Very moving, heartfelt, touching, inspiring presentation. Fabulous artwork and compositions. Loved the words with each image."
"Wonderful, from her heart. Could help others to understand or give words to their struggles."

Roots and Wings booklet by Sara Harley available through Blurb Books
Roots+Wings by Sara Harley

Stroke of Emotions (2017)

is a series of composited self portraits that I created after my husband had a major stroke in 2017. In an effort to deal with my worry and feelings of helplessness, I turned to my hobby of photography. I used my photographic library to help define and illustrate my feelings. From devastation through rejuvenation, it is a story of a healing journey that I hope will help others going through a difficult time.

No matter who we are, we all face life challenges. No matter what crisis we face, we all struggle with a range of feelings.

Stroke of Emotions series by Sara Harley 

Five of the images from Stroke of Emotions were selected for the Picturing Health exhibit at Viewpoint Gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for the month of February 2018. The exhibit used photographic imagery to explore the relationship between wellness and creativity, and was funded by the Robert Pope Foundation.
Sara Harley's images at the Picturing Health exhibit, Viewpoint Gallery
Picturing Health exhibit, Viewpoint Gallery  February 2018

Six images from Stroke of Emotions were accepted for publication in 2018 Seeing in SIXES, published by LensWork. Fifty projects, each consisting of six images, were selected from more than 1500 submissions to be featured in this book.

2018 Seeing in SIXES
2018 Seeing in SIXES

Five images from this series
received Nominee recognition in the 2019 Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA). There were 4100 entries from 87 countries around the world for these awards.

Sara Harley, FAPA Nominee, Conceptual Category, Amateur
Nominee, Conceptual Category, Amateur Division


Stroke of Emotions was featured in the Spring 2020 issue of PhotoEd Magazine - Mental Health, Photography+Healing. An extended article was featured in the digital version of this magazine. 

PhotoEd Magazine, Spring 2020 - Mental Health, Photography+Healing


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