Thursday, March 10, 2022

Thoughts about titles

Titling an image by Sara Harley

I am giving a lot of thought these days to titling images. Before I pontificate, I would love for you to comment below or email me with what you think....preferably just one or two words...when you look at the image pictured above.

There was a time...not too long ago....when I thought that titling my images was a very important part of my process. I often came up with a concept or title first, then built an image around it. If I was out with my camera making photographs, a word would often come to mind while I was pressing the shutter. 

It was important to me to guide the viewer with my help them understand what I was trying to convey with my image.

Now I'm not so sure about that. Isn't it better to let the viewer decide what the image means to them? 

Let's use the image above to try to illustrate my point. 

I made this image last year and gave it the title "Forgotten".  I am currently preparing for an exhibit and plan to include this image. With everything going on in the world these days, I thought maybe more positivity was in order and considered changing the title to "Gratitude". 

The two different titles would certainly direct the viewer in two very different directions.

But why do this? Why not let the viewer decide whether it's a melancholy story or something more positive?

My current thought is to use more generic titles to allow the viewer to create their own story. I'm curious to know your thoughts about this.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

February Summary

Images created Feb 2022 by Sara Harley
February Portfolio

February was a lot more active than my usual February months. I have been in a good place creatively, which I'm very thankful for as I'm preparing for a solo exhibit in May. At the moment I have a lot of images crammed in my head and my challenge is to actually create them....a much better situation than not having any inspiration at all!

Creating nine images that I'm proud of might not sound like much, but considering each image is made using a "collage" of elements from 10 or more images, it does take a lot of time. My goal was to create 6 quality images in February, so the fact that I created 9 is wonderful in my mind. 

That doesn't include the pieces I wasn't happy with, or started but not yet finished.

I participated in an artist talk for Pasadena Photography Arts - This is a Photograph Because I Say it is:

I created a magazine for the artist talk (linked above)....on the "good" roster of the month and a good foundation for the exhibit guide I'll need for May.

I was declined for an artist grant that I submitted in November 2021...on the "bad" tally.

I was approached to supply an image for the cover of a Literary/Arts magazine...details will be shared at a later date....definitely on the "plus" side.

And...I created and sent two magazine submissions...both a long shot, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

All in all, a productive month!