Friday, July 26, 2019


Ripples by Sara Harley
Constant change is a fact of life Nothing stays the same, even if we wanted it to. We grow with our life experiences and our tastes evolve over time.

I have a growing appreciation for abstract images, both in paintings and photographs.

I still struggle with the concept of abstract art. Since it's a picture with no "story", what makes it a good image? If I find it appealing, maybe that is enough reason.

I do love images that challenge our brains to look beyond the obvious, something that doesn't reaveal all at first glance.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Swinging on a Star

Swinging on a Star by Sara Harley
Swinging on a Star
I started into conceptual photography late in 2017 and I absolutely love it. I have always wanted to be "a real artist"....drawing or painting....but I could never produce what was in my mind.
Conceptual photography changed everything for me. I use my own photographic library and work with layers and masks to create images that exist in my imagination.
Working with an existing library of images means that I can play with my photography even whenI can't get out and about with my camera.
My oldest granddaughter will be graduating from high school in June 2019, and heading off to university in the fall. I decided to create a series to honour her life achievement and I asked her to pose for me.
She agreed without me telling her why I wanted her to pose for me. She had no idea that I would turn her poses into a magical world.
This image is my way of telling her that the sky is the limit and I will present it to her at her graduation.
I created three more images that I will gift her when she leaves for Ontario at the end of August.
I will miss her, but I am so thankful of the moments we have spent together creating treasured memories.

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