Haven was exhibited in a solo exhibit at the Chester Art Centre from May 5-29, 2022. 

Artist Statement: Over the past two years, our changed world has caused a myriad of emotions about the importance of home and security, which has led me to explore the concept of haven. The dichotomy between the safety of our own environment and the threat of the unknown from without has contributed to increased levels of social anxiety. Whether based in reality, or perceived, the situation has challenged us to examine our thoughts and ourselves.
What makes us feel safe? Where do we take comfort? Are reduced social interactions a cause for celebration, or stress? What triggers our anxieties? The answers are different for all of us.
An artist talk is available to view on YouTube:
The project was featured in Tagree, an online arts and photography magazine (scroll down when you land on the page): https://tagree.de/haven-by-sara-harley/

This is a Photograph Because I Say It Is was an artist talk for the Pasadena Photography Arts group and featured 20 images from my Haven collection. You can view it on YouTube at this link.

Open Show Pasadena Sara Harley

Resilience was selected by Labyrinth Gallery (UK) for The Planet Recovery Exhibit (Feb 1 - July 31, 2022), one of 60 images selected from 400 submissions. You can view the exhibit online at this link.
Planet Recovery Exhibit - Resilience - Sara Harley
Resilience - Planet Recovery Project - Labyrinth Gallery Exhibit

Rfotofolio selected my portfolio of 7 images from Haven as one of 25 photographers that inspired them in 2021. You can read the article at this link. One of my images is used as the header for the article.

Rfotofolio - 2021 Photographers that Inspire - Sara Harley Portfolio
Rfotofolio: Photographers that inspired in 2021

Rfotofolio - 2021 Photographers that Inspire - Sara Harley