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April 1 - May 31 - Solo Exhibition,  Margaret Hennigar Public Library: Trailings

March 16 - Artist Talk by Zoom - Trailings Exhibit

February 24 - March 26 - Solo Exhibition, DesBrisay Museum: Trailings 

February 5 - March 3 - Group Exhibition, Round Hill Studio, Annapolis Royal: Palate 

January 15 - ? - Solo Exhibition, The Dart Gallery, Dartmouth: Flight of Fancy


Nov 13 - Dec 24, 2020 - Group Exhibition, Dart Gallery, Dartmouth: Off The Wall  


Dec 1 - Mar 15, 2020 - Solo Exhibition - The Biscuit Eater, Mahone Bay
Nov 1 - Jan 31, 2020 - Group Exhibition, DesBrisay Museum: Nova Scotia Colours
Sept 27- Oct 10, 2019 - Group Exhibition, Dart Gallery, Dartmouth: The 27 Club
Aug 1 - Oct 31, 2019 - Group Exhibition, DesBrisay Museum, Bridgewater
Aug 1 - Oct 31, 2019 - Group Exhibition, The Curated Fridge, Somerville, MA: Summer
May 10 - 30, 2019 - Group Exhibiton, Dart Gallery, Dartmouth: Monochrome
April 2019 - Group Exhibition, Margaret Hennigar Public Library: Storytelling


Apr - Group Exhibition, Margaret Hennigar Public Library: Passion, Perception, and Focus
Feb - Solo Exhibition, Margaret Hennigar Public Library, Bridgewater: Roots + Wings
Feb - Group Exhibition, Viewpoint Gallery, Halifax: Picturing Health


Sept - Group Exhibition, DesBrisay Museum: Capturing Moments
June - Group Exhibition, Port Grocer Art Space, Port Medway: South Shore Stories
Mar - Group Exhibition, The Dart Gallery, Dartmouth: Monochrome
May - Group Exhibition, Margaret Hennigar Public Library: South Shore Stories


Sept - Group Exhibition, Viewpoint Gallery, Halifax: Exposure Time


Sept - Group Exhibition, DesBrisay Museum, Bridgewater: Chasing the Light

PhotoEd Magazine - Spring 2020 Issue - Mental Health, Photography+Healing

Publications and Awards

2020 - PhotoED Magazine - Digital Spring Issue - Stroke of Emotions article
2020 - PhotoED Magazine - Spring Issue - Mental Health, Photography+Healing
2019 - PhotoED Magazine - Winter Digital Issue - Canadian Creative Risk Takers
2019 - Understorey Magazine - Issue 17 - Desolation (Photograph)
2019 - Understorey Magazine - Issue 17 - Rising (Photograph)
2019 - Book Cover - Margaret Atwood, Neuf Contes
2019 - Fine Art Photography Awards, Nominee, Conceptual Photography 
2018 - LensWork Publishing - Seeing in SIXES 2018 
2018 - PhotoED Magazine - Online feature
2017 - In Focus - life and photography in Nova Scotia
2017 - Understorey Magazine - Retired (Photograph)
2017 - Chronicle Herald - Moose (Photograph)
2016-17 - Chronicle Herald Newspaper, Weekly Column In Focus

2018 Seeing in SIXES
2018 Seeing in SIXES
My Stroke of Emotions project was accepted for publication in 2018 Seeing in SIXES, published by LensWork. 

Fifty projects were selected from more than 1500 submissions to be featured in this 312 page book. Each project consists of six images, published in a six page spread.

Solo Exhibit - February 2018

Feedback from Roots+Wings: 

"All stunning! Beautiful and moving text to accompany images."

 "Very moving, heartfelt, touching, inspiring presentation. Fabulous artwork and compositions. Loved the words with each image." 

"Wonderful, from her heart. Could help others to understand or give words to their struggles."
from the Roots+Wings Exhibit, Margaret Hennigar Public Library, February 2018
“In her “Roots + Wings” exhibition, Sara Harley brings together words and images to create a passionate message about the healing power of the creative process.
The words are in the form of short prose poems reflecting Sara’s turmoil of emotions following her husband’s health crisis last year. The images are beautifully crafted composite photographs that merge trees (for Strength) and birds (for Freedom), with background textures to enhance and unify the series. Each image with its accompanying text can be appreciated on its own, but taken together, the sequence forms an inspiring body of work that develops a story which is at once personal and universal.The result is a moving portrait of Sara’s journey toward emotional recovery – and hope for the rest of us facing challenges of our own." - Kas Stone, kasstone.ca

Feedback about Stroke of Emotions artist talk: 
"You gave us a brave presentation of your recent life journey though the self-portraits that you displayed. The images were more expressive of feelings than words could ever be. I could see myself; my journey in the single self-images that you showed before you added to them. Every emotion that I felt was right there on the screen. Then when you added the additional layers to your single image I could travel through the feelings being expressed. Life changes are challenging to the very depth of our resilience. Your sharing of these sequences allowed me to know that other people have the same emotional travel that I have had."

Picturing Health Exhibit Viewpoint Gallery
Picturing Health Exhibit Booklet, 2018

Devastation from Stroke of Emotions by Sara Harley featured in exhibit review
"Devastation" featured image for exhibit review