Trailings (to be exhibited April 1-May 31, 2021 in two locations) - The Trailings Project creatively illustrates how trail walking can heal the mind, body, and spirit. Through observing and photographic documentation, as well as nature inspired creative endeavours, Trailings is a collection of work created over several years and is ongoing.
Skyward by Sara Harley

Skyward, Trailings Series

Point of View Magazine (2019) - a collection of musings and photographs created in 2019,  in magazine format. View the magazine here.

Sandscapes (2019) - From larger than life vistas to intimate landscapes, the tides and sand create visual art that is constantly in motion. More and more often, I focus my camera on the details in the sand, what I refer to as "sandscapes". I published a magazine of my favourites from the collection in 2019, and continue to capture mother nature's beach art with my camera. View the collection here.

Sandscapes by Sara Harley


Roots + Wings (2018) - a series of emotional healing using the symbolism of birds and trees.  Go to this page for more information

Roots and Wings Series by Sara Harley

Stroke of Emotions (2017) - a story of healing told through a series of composited self portraits illustrating emotions from devastation through rejuventation 
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Stroke of Emotions by Sara Harley
Stroke of Emotions